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Armenian Nuptial Traditions


Armenian Nuptial Traditions

Armenian nuptial traditions are very conservative. Typically, marriages were hosted in autumn or winter season. In some districts, they even now practiced pre-Christian rituals just like jumping more than fire.

One of the most important traditions is a marriage ceremony at the chapel. The couple and the guests will be greeted by the priest, who will bless all of them and exchange crowns. The crowns usually are constructed from precious metals. They will represent a new «kingdom» for the newlyweds.

After the marriage, the couple will keep for their vacation. A kavor is definitely an older male relative of the woman who escorts the bridegroom during the ceremony. This guy is a godfather in The english language. He also helps the bridegroom change into his wedding outfit.

With the ceremony, the couple should receive a diamond ring and a crown. These types of crowns are not only symbolic with the couple’s oneness, but are also a reminder of the blessings belonging to the priest. The wedding is often followed by a celebration in the bride’s home.

The couple may well receive various other gifts during the celebration. A few gifts will include a dowry, including jewelry, apparel, and home items. The dowry is a symbol of the very best wishes meant for the near future life of the couple. The dowry is presented by the bride’s family.

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Another Armenian nuptial traditions involves the breaking of any plate. The couple will then eat a place of sweetie as a sign of good luck.

In relationship with korean woman some areas, the bride’s mother will armenian women provide the new child of the couple honey as being a symbol of sweet lifestyle. Similarly, the groom’s mother definitely will put lavash on the shoulder blades of the new little princess of the couple. This is certainly to ward off evil state of mind.