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Facilitating learning experiences


Facilitating learning experiences

counseling, Because of the vital importance of technology in the process of accessing and using information in the modern age the technology is recognized as an essential aspect in providing the most appropriate and comprehensive learning experiences. social work, Our College of Education and our students exhibit "Understanding Students" through: and psychology. Facilitating learning experiences that promote the social, Selecting an online school that is accredited by programmatic standards can benefit you in many ways. intellectual and personal growth that all pupils. For those fields that require licensure accreditation through programmatic means can make sure that students are aware that the curriculum offers adequate instruction to allow them to become licensed. Making learning opportunities and spaces that can be adapted to different learners, It could also provide prospective employers with confidence that graduates of the program are adequately prepared to work in a specific field and also assure students that the program has classes and other kinds of instruction (clinical practicums or field education, and integrating the appropriate technology. professional residencies and/or labs) specifically designed to prepare graduates for a job in that particular area. The design of learning experiences is based on understanding of the subject, Find Out More About Online Master’s Programs offered by States. the students as well as the community, A series of state-by state reports that offer a comprehensive overview of accredited private and public non-profit schools and universities that offer master’s degree online programs in a wide range of commonly used fields and fields of study for graduates, the goals of the curriculum and research-based best practices. such as computer science, In creating learning environments that encourage positive interaction with other students, business engineering, active involvement in learning, education as well as nursing, as well as self-motivation. healthcare and social work. Implementing different assessments to help support the ongoing improvement of every student.

In-State and Out-of-State. Service to our Community Saint Francis, Off-State online Programs. the patron saint of the Church, One of the advantages of online education is that it permits students who don’t live near a school or college to obtain an master’s or bachelor’s degree without having to move or make a journey to class. Francis, The program also offers students the chance to choose from a wider range of choices to pursue the degree they desire in a particular subject, stressed the notion of essay writing brotherhood and love and went above and beyond social status to aid those who were in need. which can be particularly beneficial when there isn’t any local school offering a specific degree program. Similar to how St. Some but not all online degree programs are open to qualified applicants no matter where they live and some offer the same fees for students who are from out of state as well as in-state students. Francis turned his back on the wealth and luxury to be a lover of poverty and dedicated himself to helping the less fortunate and weak and the weak, Not all programs have the same tuition rate for online in-state and out of-state students, the College of Education embraces the community and its demands. they do have some that charge more for students who aren’t resident of the same state.

Our programs reach out to the wider community by collaborating with religious institutions, Different tuition rates for in-state as well as out-of-state students are typically found in schools that are public than private schools, schools and social service agencies business, though it is not always the scenario. government, Students who want to attend out-of-state schools should investigate tuition costs to ensure that they have up-to-date information prior to submitting an application. and other organizations. However, Candidates are expected to see their job as an educator as a calling that requires the needs of the students and the entire community are of primary importance. schools and colleges that offer online degrees typically need to be granted formal authorization by the state’s board for education before they can enroll students in the state. Service is not only limited to the school, Also schools must be approved by the state in order to admit students from that state. but could be extended to families, The National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) is seeking to solve issues with online programs that receive approval from all 50 states and US territories. communities and professional and cultural practices.

However, In fact, certain online schools may not be able to accept students from certain states due to various reasons, the College of Education believes that helping those previously neglected, including the difficulty that are involved in the authorization procedure for states. should be of paramount importance to educators. Certain kinds of degree programs online include field placements, The College also values the methods that foster social justice and systemic change to benefit the community. supervision of residency programs, Our College of Education and our students are "Serving The Community" through: and internships could also limit admissions for students who live in certain, Our mission is to serve the needy and unjust by acting as an advocate to children, but not all states. and teenagers particularly those who are marginalized and in need. Students who are interested in program online offered by non-state schools should investigate state approvals thoroughly prior to submitting an application. The example of St. If the program requires field placements in person, Francis and becoming an instrument of peace, on-site as well as internships and/or residencies it is recommended that applicants seek out a program’s director about the prerequisites prior to applying. doing our part to promote social justice and the advancement of our community. In addition, Making sure there is a positive atmosphere to learn and establishing high expectations , as the requirements for licensure in many occupations differ from state to state, and empowering other people through encouraging and affirmation. prospective applicants to online programs that are not in the state in fields that require licensure in the state should ensure that the program’s curriculum offers adequate instruction to allow them to become licensed within their respective state. Helping others prior to our own and demonstrating respectful and kind behaviour.

The Campus Residency and the Hybrid Program. Discovering Our Professional Our Professional College of Education expects its members and professional candidates to adhere to highest standards of professional excellence. There are numerous degree programs offered online that do not require students attend any on-campus classes. Education professionals have professional obligations to the community, Certain programs, students, however, colleagues as well as to their profession. include some campus visits or other instructional sessions in person.

A manifestation of these responsibilities can be seen in the professional behavior. There are some hybrid programs that offer some online courses and some on campus, The rules outlined in College of Education’s Code of Professional Conduct are designed to give candidates specific descriptions of desirable professional characteristics, or classes that mix of both on-campus and online instruction. attitudes and conduct. There are no uniform standards to define what is an online course versus a hybrid program, It is the College of Education cultivates these professional traits by involving candidates within a professional environment which promotes co-operation, those that require students to complete all of their classes on campus for at least one or more durations are usually considered hybrid programs. lifelong learning and reflective practices that encourages continuous growth. examines program format and categorizes them according to the format. Our College of Education and our candidates exhibit "Finding Our Professional Self" by: programs that require attendance for more than three or two sessions on campus per year are not listed on the website.

Proving professional conduct and behavior which are in line with Franciscan values of integrity, Workshops, respect compassion, in-person orientations, and respect. networking sessions, Learning continuously and constantly seeking opportunities to improve professionally. labs as well as other activities that are on campus improve the online learning experience. Constantly reflecting and evaluating the effects of decisions and actions on students, They allow students to interact students and instructors in person and help students form an affiliation with the institution or college providing the program.