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Why Drinking In Moderation Sucks ALIVEAF Mom blog, Alcohol Free, Sober Living

Sober living

Why Drinking In Moderation Sucks ALIVEAF Mom blog, Alcohol Free, Sober Living

But it is through sober eyes that I am able see how many personal flaws I have. Sobriety has enabled me to attack my flaws and life’s difficulties – to work on making the necessary changes and overcome them. Sobriety is helping me win many of the battles in life’s game. I thank all of you for your patience and love. Had you not cared about me, I never would have sobered up and wrote this. They are the people that kept me motivated to become and stay sober.

  • Maybe not, especially if your substance use has become a problem.
  • It’s much easier to stay financially fit when you’re sober.
  • I reflect back on this amount of money spent but I don’t cry and whine about it or berate myself for it.
  • The first thirty days of sobriety were challenging for me, to say the least.
  • We took the case out on the island, shoved the cans in the snow and began drinking.

In reality, you have to start facing these issues head on without self medicating. In some cases you will need to cut off certain people, places, or activities. That’s a lot of shit to have to deal with and change. So in a sense your depression and anxiety may even get worse before you get better. When it seems like all you want to do is forget, to go get high or drunk and be gone, if only for a few moments, remember what addiction’s cost you. Remember what life was like when every moment was chaos and unmanageable.

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Mark has over four years of sobriety without a relapse. He is not a prohibition lunatic; he openly admits he misses his old friend alcohol. He realizes that his drunken lifestyle was completely his own choice and drinking will not improve his life or his chances for a better future. Accepting this precept is why he chooses to remain sober. Every morning when I wake up and get out of bed, life still shows up, but now I have to face it sober.

Some of the stages are sad, some are painful, some are angry, some are downright funny. I have not gone back to change what I wrote – I want you to understand that if you are going to start living sober your mind will also go through changes and stages. I am told that I am a freak of nature because after 32 years of regular, daily, heavy drinking – I sobered up. I sobered up by using my own sheer willpower, self discipline and an acceptance that living as an alcoholic is a choice.

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You choose to break up the six-pack and leave three at home and put only three in the cooler for your outing. Maybe you decide sobriety sucks not to drink during the week and only on the weekends, or only on Saturdays. Or, you try only one glass of wine at dinner.

I have a nice therapist, a supportive family, and have found yoga as the path for me. I am a Certified Coach, writer, and creator. Best Living Sober blogs from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. May I recommend that you can consider attending an AA meeting or SMART Recovery as ways to support your recovery/sobriety. Many individuals have found the support and mutual aid valuable. The only negatives for me are money, and the police.

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Recovery isn’t just for the alcoholic or the user. This article/podcast is more focused on and dedicated to those that do the helping than those that need or seek help. For simplicity in writing, I’ll be using certain words to describe either a person or the process. I’ll be using the word “recovery” to describe the process of first becoming clean or sober. I’ll utilize the word “user” when referring to the individual that has the substance issue.

living sober sucks

This is to help you devise YOUR OWN plan for what YOU want out of living sober—and how you’re going to do it. I admit that I liked the sensation the first time I got drunk . But I didn’t wake up the next morning physically craving another drink. I did what many teenagers do, I got drunk whenever I could. It took me years to become dependent upon alcohol.